Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Soup

We got a butternut squash and cooking pumpkin from our farm pickup this week so I decided to make soup out of it. I peeled and cubed both the pumpkin and the squash. I then cut two onions and cooked them in a large pot with about a half an inch of water. We usually don’t use any oil and cook onions and things in water instead. Once the onions were see through I added the cubed squash and pumpkin and one box of vegetable broth. I simmered it until the squash and pumpkin was soft. I then blended the soup in batches in the blender and returned it to the pot. I simmered it for a little while longer with some pepper.












Once the soup was done I steamed some kale to add to the soup so we had some greens. We also had veggie burgers, with hummus and spinach with the soup and I made the kids grilled cheeses. They loved the soup and liked dipping their sandwiches in it. Evan added his own addition to the recipe, his plastic rats!

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