Veggies for Breakfast?

green_smoothyOkay, this isn’t dinner, but I thought it was worth posting. I never have time for breakfast. I am usually packing the kids lunch while they eat breakfast. This smoothy is a great way to eat breakfast fast and get some veggies in too.

It looks really, really gross, but it tastes really, really good. I promise!

I blended a banana, some soy milk (I think Anthony just uses water), some frozen raspberries and a whole bag of baby spinach. Anthony buys a whole bunch of bagged spinach at Trader Joe’s because it is cheaper than the regular grocery store and it is so much easier to have washed spinach on hand. I blend it in a high power blender and drink it down. The more fruit you add, the sweeter it is!

And its in a pint glass, with a bendy straw!




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