No Guilt Ice Cream!

photo(3)Take a look at the “ice cream” Anthony made last week. Okay, it’s not really ice cream, but it is sooo good! We used to eat a lot of Ben and Jerry’s in my house, but this stuff is sooo much better for you and won’t add on the extra pounds. It really satisfies my after dinner sweet craving and it is made of just fruit!

To make the ice cream, we start out by taking a bunch of really ripe bananas (the more ripe the better), break each banana into about three pieces and freeze a whole bunch in a ziploc bag. When they are frozen we put them in our high power juicer along with other frozen fruit depending on what flavor we are making. (Thanks to Matt at the Rainbow Garden for the idea to use the juicer!) We used to use our high power blender, but the juicer makes it much lighter and fluffier.


You can concoct any flavor you want, but this time we made strawberry (just frozen strawberries and frozen bananas), cinnamon raisin (frozen bananas with cinnamon and raisins mixed in), and my favorite chocolate (frozen bananas and unsweetened cocoa). Yum!! I might need to make some tonight….

Anyway, this is a great thing to make for dessert if you are having trouble breaking that dessert habit at night!