A hearty salad

Dinner doesn’t have to be complicated or involved to be healthy and delicious.  This is much more typical of what we eat for dinner on a daily basis.

A hearty salad

The ingredients change all the time.  Sometimes it’s over romain lettuce, other times it will be over steamed kale, baby spinach, mixed field greens, or any other greens or lettuce.  The elements are what’s important.  I always try to include beans, onions, and mushrooms.  Everything else is bonus and should be changed based on whatever you feel like eating that day.

We usually have plenty of different cooked veggies, beans, and hummus around so we can throw a meal like this together in minutes.

Serves: 1

Prep time: 15 min (provided you have some cooked beans and veggies hanging out in your fridge)


Romain lettuce

black beans

peppers and onions (water sauteed)

portobello mushrooms (water sauteed)


grape tomatoes



Take any amounts of the above ingredients that you want, toss it onto a plate, top it off with some low sodium salsa, or Cathy’s Thai peanut dressing, and enjoy!

It’s simple, and delicious!!