Meat is for Pussies, by John Joseph

31qAJRQM+0L._SX304_BO1,204,203,200_You should read it if you…

  • are tired of playing the victim
  • need a shove in the right direction
  • think the the health care system is busted
  • want to understand how eating a plant based diet and taking care of your health is the most punk-rock thing you can do

You will…

  • become empowered to own your life
  • learn the basics of a whole foods plant based diet, including answers to the common questions about protein, health, and performance.
  • be entertained by the raw in-your-face approach
  • lear that health is a choice and that you can opt-out of the main-stream food and healthcare industries

Don’t be turned of by the title.  I’m not talking about the language, if that part of the title turns you off, you should not read this book.  I’m talking about the avoidance of meat. This book is about so much more than just avoiding meat. It’s really about taking responsibility and control of your health, and owning and creating a life that you are proud of.  That is why you should read it.  Take charge, take control, push life around, do stuff, and don’t let anyone or anything control you.  That’s what not being a pussy is all about.

I find this book incredibly empowering, and entertaining.  John Joseph aggressively approaches the topic of eating a plant based diet and living a positive life from a fresh new perspective.

This book is for you, in fact, it’s for everyone!

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