Fed Up

41Q2hiuZPSL._SX200_QL80_Fed Up is another film about the current state of health as it relates to our modern food system.  The big villain in this one is sugar, and it’s scary.  It turns out that sugar is everywhere!

Childhood obesity is a big focus of this film, and I think that’s a very important thing to think about.  As adults, and especially as parents, we need to share responsibility for the choices our children make.  In fact, up to some age we need to take full responsibility for those choices.  This really hits home for me as someone who grew up as an overweight child, and wants to do everything I can now to help my own children to not have to go through that themselves.

Again, this is not a film specifically about eating a plant based diet, but there is a lot of strong background and evidence here and it’s another important part of the big picture that will help many people to start and maintain change.


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