Forks Over Knives

imagesYou need to see this movie.  It’s a good combination of story, information, facts, inspiration, and real world examples to help you get motivated to start the transition to a plant based diet.  Many people who have made the transformation have credited Forks Over Knives with bing the movie that motivated them to make the switch.

Watch it!  Watch it more than once, watch it weekly if you have to.  It’s not a waste of time and you will be glad you did.  I’ve seen it many times, and still pickup something new and get motivated every time I see it.

As with all of the movies, books, videos, and other resources.  These are not one-time things.  Use them as you need to keep yourself going on the right track.  The more you can do to keep your mind focused and get yourself educated the better off you will be.

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