Salt Sugar Fat, by Michael Moss

You should read it if you…

  • want to understand why you crave the foods you do
  • want permission and reason to give up all processed foods

You will…

  • learn how the food industry manipulates food products while competing for their share of space in your stomach
  • learn about the bliss point, and how it’s manipulated
  • understand that it’s not your fault that you crave the foods you do, they are designed to be craved

This book is a real eye opener, and it’s so important.

In thinking back over the chapters, I don’t believe there is any one concept covered in this book that is totally new to me.  It’s all relatively familiar stuff, but I had never really understood how everything fit together.  Salt Sugar Fat assembles the complete story, with real examples and behind the scene details, that can be down right infuriating.

At the same time, you will also learn that there is nothing wrong with you.  As individuals, we should not expect to be able to eat processed foods in moderation.  Those who can are the exception, but for the vast majority of us processed foods are just doing their job.  The scientists and engineers who created them did so in a way that lights up our taste and pleasure centers, to keep us coming back for more, and more, and more, and more…

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