Kitchen Tools

Steamer Baskets811A+GUfRxL._SL1500_

Get a few of these, you will use them a lot!  They basically turn any pot in your kitchen into a steamer.  They expand and fold up, like the picture, to fit any size pot, and to hold any sized or amount of vegetables.  They are so easy to use and clean that you will find yourself using them all the time.  Get two or three of them, and you will be glad you did!



Coffee grinder (for oats, flax, chia, etc…)grinder

I don’t drink coffee, but I do use my coffee grinder most days.  I use it for freshly grinding flax seeds, for turning steel cut oats into oat flour for thickening sauces, and for grinding chia seeds to turn frozen berries into a sort of jam.




Immersion blender41ol6ERYuIL._SL1000_

Sure, you could transfer all of the chunky stuff in your soups over to a blender, blend it down, and then pour it back, repeating those messy steps until your kitchen floor is covered with soup.  Or, you could get an immersion blender and blend it all up right in the pot!  One of the things I really like about using the immersion blender is being able to see and control the consistency of the soups.  When it’s as smooth as I want it I simply stop blending!




Vitamix Blender51PFJar2knL._SL1000_

Yes, you do need a Vitamix, or another high powered reliable blender.  You don’t need it to get started, but you will eventually want one of these fine machines to call your own. It’s an amazing kitchen tool that will be helpful in so many ways beyond blending smoothies.



Pineapple peeler / slicer / corer710mgPo8Q5L._SL1500_

If you like pineapple, you will love this. Seriously. It makes peeling and coring a pineapple absolutely simple!  There may be slightly more waste than doing it with a knife by hand, but honestly not nearly enough for me to worry about.  I tried cutting out some of the pineapple that was left behind against the skin once, and I realized in 2 seconds that it wasn’t worth it.  Who knew all pineapples were the same diameter?



Apple peeler / slicer / corer51QHTnzRJPL._SL1000_

As soon as you need to peel, slice, and core more than 3 apples for a single recipe you will realize that this is a must.  It makes the process so fast!

I personally don’t like to throw away the peel, since it’s a very healthy part of the fruit, so I usually eat it, or just flip the peeler back and leave it on the cored and sliced apple.