DIY Salad Dressings

March 1, 2017

Salads are an important part of eating a healthy, whole food, plant based, diet.  I eat at least one, and often two huge salads a day.  For me, the key to enjoying so much salad, is to keep them flavorful and interesting.  Making a new dressing does that in an instant, and add some fresh fruit, nuts, or seeds on top and you will end up with something that is…


Black Bean Soup with Kale and Mushrooms

January 20, 2014

As if Black Bean soup isn’t already good enough, I added Kale and Mushrooms to push it over the top!!   I started with a Black Bean soup recipe from (link), and changed it up a bit.  What I ended up with is below, and it’s been a huge hit with our friends and families so far!  It’s a hearty soup that covers 4 of the 6 GBOMBS (Greens, Beans, Onions,…


Steamed Kale

October 24, 2009

I love steamed Kale! So delicious! It is very easy to wash the kale and then just scrape if off the stems, rip it into bite size pieces and steam it.


Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Soup

September 29, 2009

We got a butternut squash and cooking pumpkin from our farm pickup this week so I decided to make soup out of it. I peeled and cubed both the pumpkin and the squash. I then cut two onions and cooked them in a large pot with about a half an inch of water. We usually don’t use any oil and cook onions and things in water instead. Once the onions…