My new life

April 5, 2017

 Background In October of 2005 I felt the pain that got me started on this journey.  I came home from work and looked through the stack of mail on the counter.  I found a letter from an insurance company about a life insurance policy that I had recently applied for.  I was a little anxious, because I had issues getting insurance a few years earlier and ended up being put into a…


Dr. Joel Fuhrman: I Love Nutritional Science

January 25, 2014

I can’t say enough about Dr. Fuhrman, his works, his books, and the resources that he provides to help people switch to, and maintain, living incredibly healthy lives. In this video you will get some insight into Dr. Fuhrman.  How and why he got started, and what keeps him interested, optimistic, and excited about nutrition and eating a plant based whole food (nutritarian) diet.


Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

March 24, 2013

You should read it if you… are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired want to know the truth about the diets, myths, and lies that we have all come to believe as true are ready to dramatically improve your life and health appreciate a hold-no-punches approach to resetting everything you think you know about diet and health You will… learn everything you need to know to loose weight and improve…