Pumpkin Soup

October 21, 2009

Ev begged me for some pumpkin soup the other day. We had just came back from pumpkin picking so I just used one of the medium sized pumpkins we got. I cut up the pumpkin, cubed it and cut the skin off. I then boiled it with one onion in and a box of veggie broth until soft. I added some pepper, cumin and cinnamon and then blended it all…


Pizza, pizza, pizza!

October 8, 2009

Anthony loves pizza! Here we made our own on a whole wheat tortilla, piled on the veggies and sprinkled a little Daiya vegan cheese. The more veggies the better! Even if we order a pie, we try to get it on a whole wheat crust with tons of veggies and ask for no cheese. We also eat a lot of salad with it too, so we don’t eat too much…


Fruit & nuts for breakfast??

October 1, 2009

I eat fruit and nuts for breakfast every day during the week and I switch it up a little on the weekends. Today I’m having strawberries, pineapple, a banana, and some almonds. I usually buy fruit from the cafeteria at work, which gets a little pricey, but they almost always have strawberries, and sometimes blueberries, and on those days I know it’s worth it. I fill one of those containers,…


Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Soup

September 29, 2009

We got a butternut squash and cooking pumpkin from our farm pickup this week so I decided to make soup out of it. I peeled and cubed both the pumpkin and the squash. I then cut two onions and cooked them in a large pot with about a half an inch of water. We usually don’t use any oil and cook onions and things in water instead. Once the onions…